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Paper Beads
How to Make Paper Beads ...

new type of Epson printer which comes with 3 years’ supply of ink is the ECOTANK ET-2700 Cartridge-free printing. From the Epson website- ‘This 3-in-1 inkjet with Wi-Fi is easy to use and comes with three years' worth of ink included. RRP: £249.99 incl. VAT.’ Small quantities of replacement ink do not seem expensive.

An Envelope Maker ... We R Envelope Punch Board makes envelopes of various sizes and shapes, with rounded corners. It can be used to make other imaginative items too - see Youtube. Available from Amazon, Hobbycraft etc. This is American so is based on Imperial measurements.

Microwave Dying ... Put sprinkle of Procian MX dye in a jam jar, add cloth add splash of fix, repeat those 2 steps until jar full. Then microwave for 3 minutes. The results will be unpredictable but always colourful, occasionally explosive and always exciting.

How to make small tunnel book ... A6 

·     Cut 2 pieces of quality A4 paper into quarters (4xA6) for the concertina ribs and the pages. Then cut a piece of stiff A4 card into quarters (4xA6) (mountboard or greyboard works well)   Cut one of the card quarters in half (2xA7) Cover one side of one card quarter and the two smaller pieces with bookcloth or decorative paper for the outside back and the doors. Put under a weight to dry flat.  Make the ribs-  fold two of the A6 papers in half, half and half again to get an even zigzag with 8 planes and 7 folds then Glue the ribs to the inside edges of the backthen glue an image to the inside back, overlapping the zigzags. Make 3 pages as frames or cut outs, based on 3 of the other pieces of A6 paper, and stick to the zigzag folds. Attach the doors to the front of the front folds & add fastenings, trim etc


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