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Ann Paterson

I am primarily a textile artist and the books I make usually include fabric and stitch in some form. Having obtained a City and Guilds Diploma in Stitched Textiles and a Medal of Excellence in 2006, I decided to continue with the work which formed the latter part of my studies. This was an exploration of the lives of women who had achieved greatness, despite the times in which they lived.

Since 2009 I've been absorbed in researching the life of a woman who lived in more modern times – Emma Sproson, the Wolverhampton Suffragette. Her memoirs have inspired me to complete many books, some of which are in the form of rolled fabric books.

When not concentrating on women’s issues, I can be found producing work on general political matters, sometimes involving the politics of the United Kingdom, or occasionally the United States. These usually take the form of books, wall hangings, political pin cushions or political jewellery.

My art is messy and so are my books. They are works in progress – over time they will be added to, pages torn out and layers of meaning added.

Flickr: scrappy annie


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