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Please get in touch via the form on this page for more information. Or maybe you have information for us - we're interested in hearing about collaboration and exhibition opportunities both in the UK and abroad.


Marches Book Arts Group welcomes anyone interested in book arts and artist's books; no experience of bookmaking is necessary to be part of the group. Annual membership is £10 and each session costs £7. This includes tea, coffee and cake but please bring a packed lunch. You are welcome to come and pay for a single session before committing to full membership.


Before Covid we met on the third Tuesday of each month between 10am and 4pm, at Haslehurst Community Room in Clun, Shropshire. When we're able to meet again we'll post details here.

If you're in Merseyside you might like to check out North West Book Artists, started by one of our founding members, Marilyn Tippett. For more information, contact nwbookmaker@gmail.com or visit nwbookartists.blogspot.co.uk

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